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Norton's Chihuahuas

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Past puppies 1-pixie and moogle
Past puppies 2-baby and moogle
Past puppies 3-pixie and moogle
Past puppies 4-baby and moogle
Past puppies 5- twerpy and boo
Past puppies 6- pixie and moogle
Past puppies 7- candy and boo
Past puppies 8- baby and moogle
Past puppies 9- jazzy and boo
Past puppies 10- twerpy and boo
Past puppies 11- pixie and moogle
Past puppies 12- candy and boo
Past puppies 13- lil bit and boo
Past puppies 14- twerpy and boo
Past puppies 15- Pixie and Moogle
Past Puppies 16- Baby and Moogle
past pups 17- Precious and Boo
Past Puppies 18-Jazzy and Boo
Past Puppies 19- Lil Bit and Boo
Past Puppies 20- Twerpy and Boo
Past Puppies 21-Candy and Boo
Past puppies 22 -- Twerpy and Boo
Past puppies 23 -Jazzy and Boo
Past puppies 24 -Lil Bit and Chip
Past puppies 25 -- twerpy and boo
Past puppies 26 - Precious and Boo
Past Puppies 27- Lil Bit and Chip
Past Puppies 28- Twerpy & Boo
Past Puppies 29-Lovey and Miko
Past Puppies 30-Lovey and Miko
Past Puppies 31-Lovey and Miko
Past Puppies 32-Miko and Lovey

If you're looking for any information is not covered here, please e-mail me at

Choosing a Puppy

If you have settled on a puppy, a $300 non-refundable deposit will reserve him or her until the puppy is 10 weeks old. In some cases, with particularly small puppies, we may keep the pup a bit longer.


We DO ship puppies within the continental United States. The buyer is responsible for the cost of shipping which is between $300 and $350. We ship via Delta from AVL. We will provide health certificate and travel crate.
The puppies are transported in the cargo area of the plane, and we only use airlines that have temperature controlled cargo areas. We work diligently to get an appropriate flight that accommodates you, us, and most of all our puppy. There are staff members on the flights that take care of the puppies along the way. So please don't be fooled that the puppies are treated as objects as opposed to animals. We have shipped many puppies and dogs all over the US, Canada, Germany, Russia, and Sweden without any issues. Shipping a puppy is not as scary as some people make it out to be. Here is how the process works: We make the flight arrangements with the most convenient airline which can be done about 2-3 days before the puppy leaves. We email you the flight itinerary. Drop the puppy off at the airport an hour or so before the flight leaves, and in a few hours you have your new puppy. While shipping a puppy may not be as scary, it is very labor intense on our part. We have to research the best times and shortest flight times, including layovers. A health certificate is mandatory within 10 days of the travel date. Aside from that, it is a 3 hour trip to and from the airport. Here is what you need to bring to the airport, and what to expect: * You will need to arrive at the airport about an hour before the plane lands to assure you know where to pick the puppy up at, and to let them know you are there expecting your puppy. * Photo ID including name and address of who we made arrangements with. * Bring a bottle of water, Nutrical, and wee pads. * Also bring a clean towel or blanket in case the puppy had an accident in the crate. * It may take a little while for the puppy to get used to all these new things. Remember, the day before it was with its litter mates and this is all new to the puppy.

Health Guarantee

Before you send a deposit or the full payment, please read and agree to our health guarantee which is on our website. 

Bringing Your Puppy Home

Full payment must be received one week before we ship a puppy or allow the buyer to take him or her home. Puppies will have all current vaccinations and de-wormings before they leave our house. AKC registration papers will be included with pup or sent within 30 days of pup arriving at his/her new home.

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