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Norton's Chihuahuas

Past Puppies 30-Lovey and Miko

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Past Puppies 32-Miko and Lovey

Lovey and Miko had 3 gorgeous long coat boys on 8/18/13.  Super sweet and calm personalities.  Amazing apple heads and tiny noses.  Gorgeous thick and silky coats.  Champion grand sired by Blue Chi's Diamond in the Rough.

Kirby(was Petey) went home to Donna & Gordon and 3 of our past puppies: Chica, Carlos and full older sister, Gracie.



Kirby and full sister Gracie, at their forever home in Mars Hill.


 Gracie Mae at 1 yr and Kirby at almost 6 months.


Poe (was Davy) went home with
Christopher & Yvonne, Asheville



Poe at his new home with his trusty sweater and new friend.


Adorable Poe at 4 mths


 Prince Poe at almost  6 mths.


 Poe at 8 months


Micki went home with
Melissa & Jim, near Charlotte



Micki's new family- brother Jimmi and neighbor Lilia.


Micky at 7 mths-comfy in his home


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