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Jeanne keeps me updated on Trixie, and includes pics.  Here's what she said in a nutshell:  I love my Trixie so much and she's spoiled rotten!! Wouldn't have it any other way

2/12/15-Leia and Han
Han and Leia are doing so great. They are so much fun and love each other so much. they're spoiled rotten also. Here's a picture of them this morning at 4 o'clock they were sleepy puppies. They sure have grown. Leia is getting so big. She's a bit more fluffy than Han. She loves her food. Lol. They continue to bring so much joy into our lives we love them so much. Thanks again. Summer

12/2/14-Han and Leia went home together with their new family in GA: 

   Hey Kristen. They did great. Shay & Mom held them all the way. They slept a while and cuddled up with each other in moms lap. They are so sweet. They r giving and getting lots of kisses. We r all in love. We put their blankets in their bed and I think that's real comforting for them. They ate a little and have been exploring the house.
I hope lovey is doing ok. Thanks so much Kristen. We are so happy to finally have them here. 
We Will be sending pics.
Hey Kristen, Just wanted you to know that the puppies are doing great they are so smart. They always go to their pads like clockwork it amazes me how smart they are. They are filling our lives with lots of happiness and joy and they are so incredibly adorable. Everybody is in love with them. All the kids are in hog heaven. I just wanted to share some pictures with you and to say thank you so much again. 
Hugs, Summer.

5/28/14-  Raven update about full brother Poe and brother from another mother Dakota:

Dakota is happier since Poe is obsessed with his sister. They have started to bond and love on each other. Today for the first time they were playing tug of war with a destuffed toy.  That is what we have been waiting for.  Raven holds her own despite the weight differential. She is developing a personality. Not afraid of anything. A little food aggressive with the critters but not us.  Loves attention from customers and knows how to pour on the poor little ole me.

5/23/14-  Raven went home with her full older brother Poe.  Here's her new families update after a 3 day weekend plus 1.

Good Morning,

Sorry for the delay in writing.   Actually, it has been very uneventful.  It’s like our Molly that we had to put down back in September has reincarnated into Raven.  She took to Poe and the condo like she has been there may times.  she knew her way around and immediately used the pad without a miss all weekend.  Even at night when it was time to go to bed, we would put her up on the bed and she walked over to the small space between our pillows and plopped down.  That is where she slept until I woke her up at 3 AM so I could put her down to pee, which she did perfectly.  She crawled back into her spot and we started our Saturday morning.  She loves food, human food, dry dog food or wet dog food.  She is territorial about her food.  She scared off our toughest cat this morning.  She has taken a few left hooks from our grouchiest little cat and that didn’t stun her.  We arrived home to our cabin this morning at 7 and turned around and headed out to eat breakfast before Yvonne had to be at work.  We left Raven, Poe, Dakota, and the three cats in the living room.  Brought some of Poe’s toys down from our loft bedroom, and when I returned an hour later, I walked in, all the critters greeted me at the front door except for Raven.  I called her name out for about a minute and did not hear anything or see her.  then I heard the little bell we attached to her collar Saturday.  It took me a minute to figure out where she was - up stairs in our bedroom and when I saw her, she was at the top of the stairs and come down two of them.  she stopped and started crying when she saw me.  I was shocked.  She is two weeks younger than Poe, and it took Poe being home with us for 2 weeks before we could get him to do the same stairs.  She has no fear.  We are amazed how she intuitively picks up on everything around her.  I can not say enough.  I brought all three dogs to work, again, Raven was right a home, having never been to the office.  I swear Molly is with her or in her heart or something.  We definitely have to amp up our game because she is way ahead of the power curve in learning what’s up.

5/20/14- Trixie just went home with her new family.  She sent an update and pics in her new bed.
Hi Kristen, 

Just wanted to let you know Trixie is doing great!!! She is following me to all the different rooms, has eaten some food and playing with us and her new toys!!!  And she absolutely LOVES her new bed!!!
Thank you again for choosing me for Trixie!!!!


5/13/14- Huxley went home with his new Daddy and pack.
Hux slept most of the night. And this morning he has had 
                           a ton of energy and been drinking plenty of water and seems to have a healthy 
                           appetite . The other dogs are have been especially gentle . Our German Shepard 
                           has been most of all very friendly and nurturing . Huxley seems like such a 
                           smart and social pup and he has gone potty outside with the other dogs . 
                           Will keep ya posted , have a great week ! 

 4/19-5/1/14-  Poe is Lovey and Miko's baby boy who is now 8 months old.  I have kept in contact with his Mom and Dad, to see how he's doing. They also wanted a future puppy of Annabelle an Miko.  Turns out a perfect puppy was born.  Here is a compilation of two of their e-mails:

 we know how Poe turned out and he is the perfect 4 legged pal for us.    we would rather pick from his maternal parents thinking the same calm trait has a good chance of being there again. 
 If you start seeing a personality like Poe’s, would you please keep is in mind.  We still have my old friend but his days are winding down and we are thinking that Poe might need a friend to grow old and play with.  Poe has the best personality and disposition.  He is such a sweet loving little boy.  He loves all people and animals.  We feel very fortunate to have him in our life.  But we are now spoiled so the next addition has to be as close to his attitude as possible.
 We wodnt be interested in any dog unless you tell us she will be a great fit with Poe and us.Thank you for holding her. This is exactly what we were hoping for (Poe having a true sister) so it's meant to be
Raven, will be going home with Poe, in the next few weeks.


 1/14/13- Marco is now 5.5 yrs young and a fashion model by his Mom, Diane,

Marco is also the way he is because of you ..He came here the first day sweet has could be and the first nite  he got off the bed went on wee pad and came back ..he was a doll from day one and yes I took care of him as he was my child ...I have never felt the love as I do with him. .He is my whole life ...and he gives me the same love I give him ..I will be grateful to you for giving  me the best gift I could ..... we will always be here for you ..xxo

12/22/13-  Kirby/Petey after a few weeks in new home with other Norton Chis: Chica, Carlos, Gracie, and non Norton pup  Kylie:

We love Kirby and laugh at his antics.  He does fit right in.  This morning he and Carlos were chasing each other and having fun.  Carlos adores him.

You have a Merry Christmas.
Donna and all the pups!

11/12/13- Poe's new Mom and Dad finally got to pick him up:
 We left your home and headed to Pet Smart, we bought a kitten collar and a nice warm coat for Poe.  he was shaking the entire time we had in the store and when we finally found a sweater that fit him, he instantly stopped shivering.  The sweater acted like a Thunder shirt.  We got to the condo, got all his toys out, fed and watered him, he played and then we went to bed.   Before we got in bed, I put Poe on a puppy pad and he peed and pooped.   Poe slept in-between Yvonne and I on Lovey’s blanket.  He slept like a rock.  We got up at 3 AM and  i put him on a pad, he peed.   Then we got up at 4 and he ate a little food, drank water, peed and we took off in the car and arrived home in Blue Ridge by 7.  We introduced him to the three cats, absolutely no issues.  Poe and our other dog Dakota get along fine.  Poe is napping in his new bed on my desk.  He has a full belly and is warm in his new sweater.
I have not looked at the paperwork yet.  Poe did not get car sick at all.  Nothing seems to bother him.  Noises or music (Yvonne and I love music so we always have background noise on) he is sleeping on my desk as I write this, the TV is 3 feet away and on with Country Music, he is wrapped around his little skunky and tennis ball
Poe is becoming more comfortable with his new digs.  Of course, he has been exposed to the condo the first night, the office the next day and our home last night so it’s a lot of take in.  He slept all day at the office yesterday since we got him up at 3 AM.  I fed him small amounts throughout the day.  He is def pee pad conditioned.  Last night, we went to bed early and Poe was in the middle of us again.  But this time, he was wide awake, from sleeping all day long.  He was ready to play.  He did really good.  played with his toys etc.  I wake up usually 2 to 3 times a night to pee and each time I put him on his pad, he peed too. and then this morning he pooped.  I fed him about 10 pieces of the Royal dry twice during the night and he drank water both times.  This morning, he was spry and tail a wagging.  he was bouncing all around.  He tried to play with Dakota, our 14 year old Aussie, but Dakota wants nothing to do with playing though he tolerates Poe’s kisses and interaction.  Poe recognizes Yvonne and gets very excited when she came home from work last afternoon.  It was a warm happy welcoming for her.  This Morning, Poe was very comfortable with his new bedroom and was very excited be-bopping around and jumping up and down on his own for no apparent reason other than happiness.  we are at work now, he is in his bed on my desk getting ready to sleep (since he was up all night playing).  
Hey Kristen,

Poe has settled into our routine and he is really showing a wonderful personality.  he gets along well with our cats and Dakota.  He loves people.  he goes crazy happy trying to get people to pet him when we go out for a walk.  he is eating well and be-bopping around.  He definitely recognizes us as his and comes running and actually begging to have us pick him up to hold.  Last night he tried to jump on Yvonne’s legs for her to pick him up.  It brought tears to Yvonne’s eye.  Thanks again.
10/25/13- Micki was picked up by Melissa and Jim today, here's what they said after they got him home and introduced him to their Chi Jimmi and their neighbor Chi, Lila:
 we are Happy Happy! !!!!!   He is having a blast with Jim And Lila.  He is perfect. He seems so happy!
He sure is he just jumped right in to the family living. Now the fight is who dose he sleep with. It's me because when Jim wakes I'll take Micki out too to get the pattern down for a   night time potty time.  He hasn't used a potty pad and he went in the yard. He is a smart baby. We are all loving on the baby ! 
update 2 and 3 days after Micki in new home:
He is doing great! He has only used the potty pad twice. He has awakened me the last two nights between 3 and 4 in the morning to go out He is a firecracker in to everything lol we love him to pieces. At night he only wants Papa Jon. I'll get some pics together soon. We are loving our little Sugar Plum  !

Last night he slept from 11:00 till after 8:00 this morning. Jimmi is getting use to him. He protects him from the cats even though they haven't done anything to harm him Jim is right there to step in between. Micki is so smart he collects his toys and puts them in his bed so cute.
 Update on Micki 11/8/13- Sorry I've been meaning to send you news. I took him last Tuesday and he gained 2oz. And Dr. Jack declared him perfect. He is a little Tasmanian Devil lol ! We love him so much. Jimmi is still trying with him. Mick wants to play hard and Jim doesn't so we watch the two when they play. He's potty training really well. He's our little ball of chocolate we just all eat him up. Thank you for allowing us such a great little bit of joy into our home.
3/23/13- Gracie went home with her older siblings. Two previous puppies from us:
Gracie Mae is so awesome!  She has the other three wrapped around her tail.
She has no fear, which could be a problem, but,  Carlos and Chica are training her.
She bites, and it hurts.  C&C put her between their front paws and hold her down until she calms down.  GM is active but when she is tired she just collapses!

Gracie Mae has the doggie beds filled with toys and my socks, one tennis shoe and a slipper.
She drags all this stuff and hides it in the beds.  She found a receipt and shoved it under a toy.  It is hilarious.  

GM is now 2.2 pounds.  I am making homemade dog/puppy food.  I got a cookbook for canines and the vet sent me to Pet Pantry for the supplements

All the dogs love love the food.  I could not find a dog/puppy food they would eat.  Unless it was one of the very unhealthy ones.

Found out Kylie loves to play fetch and is using GM's tennis ball for now.  What great exercise as all 4 dogs go running after the ball!

Will soon send a photo of Gracie in one of her beds!

4/6/13- Gracie(was Tabitha) and Gizmo(was Kirby) went home together to Hickory, NC:
We all love Gracie and Gizmo so much already. We are so blessed to have found you:)

2/13-Update about puppies that went home in 2008 Gema(Tiffany) and 2011 Rascal(Clay):
Hello Kristen, 
                           I hope you and your husband are doing well. Gema and Rascal are great, best 
                           buddies! We enjoy them so much! I was looking at your adorable babies in the 
                           nursery. I was just wondering how much you are asking for the black and white 
                           puppy, and when they will be ready to go into a home? I have thought about 
                           getting my mom a puppy. Thanks again for our precious furry children!

1/13-Update for puppies brought home in 2009:
Carlos and Chica are the loves of our house!  They are best friends and do everything together.
Carlos got a bit chubby but is losing weight with the amount of food more controlled.  Chica is still
a little thing.
Chica was always the one to be laid back and watched things from a distance, if you remember.  Well,
she has come around this past year and wants more and more attention.  She even exposes her tummy 
to get rubbed.  Carlos is still the lover but Chica is on her way!

Please do keep me informed.  I check your site every month or so and it did seem like you were not
having pups.  When I saw two moms were due we thought a new sister or brother would fit right in!

Take care and keep in touch, as I will also
Avery went home with her new family in Weaverville 2011:
So  we are in love!! Avery is the sweetest lil girl! The kids are in Heaven!! They couldnt wait to get home today to play with her.. She is already very attached to us. If i walk out of the room she wines. She loves to sit on our shoulder and snuggle!  She loves playing with the kids and her new toys!  I will post pics as soon as I can.  They were so suprised last night! Brianna, my 12 year old, cried!  She  was so happy!!   How many times a day is she use to eating? She did very well last night! Thank you again! I just can thank you enough!!

Clay went home with Terri and Wayne, locally 2011.  He's also joining his sister Gema, from an earlier litter:
Hey Kristen, 
I just wanted you to know that Clay is adjusting wonderfully.  He did not whine or cry one time on the ride home.  He only cried one time last night and I held him awhile then he went right back to sleep.  He's eating like a little piggy today. Gema loves him she has about licked him to death. When he gets tired of her licking him he gives a little growl, it is so cute. They are playing great together, Gema is very gentle with him.  He has been chasing her, she loves it! He is a snuggle bug, I have held him most of the day.  My mom came down to see him, and she feel in love too. Andrew is coming home from school tonight to see him and stay the weekend.  All is good at our house!  Thank you so much.  I will keep you posted.

Madison went home to her new family in Asheville 2011:

Maddie is doing great! As soon as we got home she ate then did number one and two and took a big nap. Then her and callie played and she ate again and did both.

I guess it seems like your  house with the dogs here so she just acted right at home 

We love her! She is definitely going to be spoiled rotten. Callie laid right beside her and took a nap! I give it another couple of weeks and they will be running everywhere.

Thanks so much for picking us for Maddie!

I will give you an update tomorrow.


7/10-Update about Bessy and BeauPowder) went home in 2009:

Beau and Bessie are fantastic, both are SUPER laid back … really all-around wonderful dogs.  Very different than our oldest, who is much more of the stereotypical type-A Chihuahua … The three dogs get on very well now – it took what seemed like forever, but slowly Napoleon got more and more comfortable … Beau and Bessie definitely have a different relationship with each other than either do with Napoleon (Beau and Bessie are still VERY close), but the dynamic between the three really works and we are SO happy we decided to bring Beau and Bessie into our family.  Beau has pretty much the same personality he did as a puppy – life of the party, super fun, loves everyone, curious about everything, basically a big floppy dog in a little chihuahua’s body; Bessie is still incredibly agreeable and loving (she is possibly the happiest, easiest dog I’ve ever met), but she’s super playful and outgoing too – she’s definitely developed a big personality for her teeny size!  (I don’t remember exact weights, but I think she was something like 3 pounds at our visit to the vet a couple months ago; Beau was something like 5 pounds I think (much lighter than I thought – he weighed more or less the same as Napoleon, but is much larger build-wise).


I am attaching some photos from the past year – we don’t take nearly enough!




Update about Cashmere and Sapphire(now Annie and Mia):
Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!  Cashmere and Saphire (we call them Annie and Mia) are doing beautifully!  They are still as playful as they were when we first brought them home; our grandchildren have a hard time keeping up with them!  We love them so much! 

Hermes is now with his new family in NC:
Hi Kristen, he is doing great. I am so sorry we have been super busy. My little girl loves him and he is playing and eating well. Such a love bug! He still loves to fall asleep on my neck and loves my fiance as well. He is a great baby. He didnt get sick at all on the way home, he did a good job. My fiance was asking will we get to register him limited registration? We got limited on our little girl and just registered her for fun as a pet. I don't remember how we did it. Thank you so much he is the PERFECT baby!


Update from Alan about Lola:

here are a few pics of lola.....

i want to say she is around 6 pounds now....low to the ground... her back legs are shorter than the front which seem s to give her the ability to 'sit up' for extended periods of time, a great begging tactic. shes verbal, strong willed,  maybe a bit too smart and  pretty much loves everyone.  a very good little dog.
i will add she has not been spayed yet but need to make a decision soon . . . i would love to have one puppy from her but not sure if its a realilistic option for us. your opinion or advice would help make a decision either way.
hope you, your family and all the dogs are well!
god bless and merry christmas   alan

Update from Terri about Gema:
Gema (Tiffanie) is wonderful.  I never imagined I could love a dog soooooo much. I keep meaning to send you photos.  She is so spoiled by me, my husband, and my son Andrew, not to mention my mom and dad who think of her as a grandaughter. Even my golden retriever loves her. You should see them playing it is so funny.  We have been amazed at how gentle she is with Gema.  She lets Gema chew on her ears and everything else.  I can't imagine what we did before we had her. She goes every where with us, even on vacation. She sleeps right between my husband and I.  She loves the beach and even has her own little chair and umbrella. She is not a fan of the cold weather in Spruce Pine and she hates wearing sweaters.  Thank you so much for her. My son says she is a gem!  I hope you and your husband have a wonderful holiday season and a very Merry Christmas!

Update from Sandi on Buster Brown:
We are doing great here.  BusterBrown is better than ever; still rules the roost and is the love of our lives!  He goes everywhere with us and is indignant if for some reason (hardly ever happens) has stay behind.  He is really very well behaved (he never meets a stranger) and has many commands down pat.  At 2.9 lbs, he has a LARGE presence!

If he is any indication of the type and temperament of chi’s that you produce and raise, you have the best!  He would be awesome in the ring – we nicknamed him “Prancy Pants” because of his strut.  We can’t thank God and you enough for bringing us together!  If I can get help, I will post picts on Facebook. Tell your husband, “hello”!

Happy Birthday!

Sandi G

Justin updated me on Lilly and Gracie:
Justin wrote:
Gracie and Lily are doing great! Such cuties! Lily is such a cuddler and Gracie is still tiny and just prances around with her little bone and loves to give kisses :) Both very loving pups!"

Sage is now with their new family on Long Island:

Hi Kristen,

Sage was fine on the way home.  When she entered the house she was
sniffing everywhere I think she smelled Minnie.  She follows Lyle
everywhere and myself.  We cannot move together because she does not
know  which way to go. So I said to Lyle one has to stand still.  Sage
is used to the house already she follows Lyle in and out and she goes
down the steps to potty.  She will be fine with us and yes we love her
already and she loves us too,  Once again thank you for Sage.


Precious Dawn is now called Opal and is so happy with her older sister and her new mom:
Hi Kristen,  I wanted to thank you again for precious little Dawn {we now call her OPAL}.
She couldn't be any cuter and has the sweetest disposition! I am having such fun with her!
She and Porcelin are the perfect pair...I can't thank you enough for my two special little girls!!
I'll be sending you lot's of pictures...Diane

Celeste, now called Carolina, is happy at home with her new family in Illinois:

Hello Kristen,
Thankyou so much for raising this beautiful healthy little girl Celeste. We are so happy to have her. Each day gives us so much joy. She is doing wonderfully here. She has already grown a little in the short time she has been here. She is so happy and playful, she already knows how to play fetch and knows her new name Carolina. She is so smart!! We will keep in touch and send you updates. Thanks again Yong and Tim


Hi Kristen,
how are you and all your babies? We are having so much fun here with carolina she is my everything. She is so pretty!! She likes to travel with us where ever we go. She is so outgoing  not a bit shy. She is so friendly and gives out kisses all the time. Thank you so much for her. I have been telling friends about you when they ask where I got her from. They are pretty interested after they see her. 
Here are some pics of her. The first 3 are the from the 1st week when she came home. The last 2 are recent. I will keep you posted on how she is doing.
Thank You 
Yong & Tim   

Lacey is now with her new family in Puerto Rico:

Hi Kristen

She is doing great , she is Really sweet and playing all day with Dior



Walker is now named Dutch and is home in Delaware with his soon-to-be friend Lola:

Hello Kristen,

I wanted to drop you a little note to let you know that Walker is fitting into our lives wonderfully.  He is such a sweet little boy.  He and my daughter are the best of friends already.  She calls him her precious little miracle.  He follows her around everywhere.

It was a real pleasure meeting your son and his girlfriend.  We really appreciated them meeting us halfway. 

Joe and I will keep you posted on how things are going, but I know Walker/Dutch will enrich our lives in so many ways for many years to come.

Thanks again and take care.



Hi Kristen,
Dutch is doing terrific!  He's still being loved more every day.  He and Lola are getting along great now.  They wrestle and chase each other all the time.  Dutch just keeps coming back for more.  My father-in-law, who is 79 and has a hard time getting around, has found a new best buddy in Dutch.  He really looks forward to his visits.
Dutch was two and a half pounds at his last vet appt. and he's still doing well with the wee wee pads but we need to start getting him to go outside.
I'd love to get a good video to send you when I get a chance.

Sapphire and Cashmere went home together to Virginia:

They are doing wonderful!  We are so in love with them and the grandchildren visit them every day after school.  The other Chihuahuas are predictably jealous but they are finally adjusting some now.  Cashmere and Saphire keep trying to follow the larger ones around to make friends with them but so far Mickey and Minnie (our other Chihuahuas) are not being very friendly! We’re having to really keep close watch over the little ones when they are together!  Thanks for taking such good care of them!

Bessy and Powder finally home in Rockville, Maryland:

Hi Kristen,


I just wanted to send you a short update and another thank you (!!!!) for such amazing puppies – Bessy and Powder are WONDERFUL; and getting both was definitely the right decision!

Napoleon is getting increasingly comfortable with the puppies; he established himself as ‘pack leader’ pretty quickly, and Bessy and Powder follow him around all over the house.  Napoleon hasn’t really taken to playing with them yet, but it might be because they’re still so little – most of the playing the three engage in is Napoleon chasing after his favorite toy, and Bessy and Powder chasing after him J

Bessy and Powder LOVE all the stuffed toys we have and the two of them play like crazy – Bessy is WAY more playful than we realized at first!  (And Powder is actually way more affectionate than we realized at first – he’s a big softy J )  I’m actually having to enforce naptimes throughout the day – the puppies are wearing themselves out! (they’re wearing me out too!)

We’re pretty sure we’re going to keep Bessy’s name (we got into the habit of calling her Miss Bessy and Miss Bessy Lou and it’s kind of stuck); we think we may change Powder’s name to Boris … still not sure.

I will DEFINITELY send photos this weekend – Chris has been really busy with client meetings all week, but he should be able to get the images uploaded and downsized tomorrow.

Thank you so much again – I can’t tell you how happy we are to have the two of them in our lives J


I hope you and Ralph are well and I look forward to talking to you soon.






Hi Kristen,


I have finally resized photos and am attaching some of my favorites … Bessie and Powder (who we’re pretty sure we’re going to name Beauregard … we mostly call him ‘Beau’ … except when he’s getting into trouble ;) ) are doing great; we went to the vet for a check-up and rabies shots midweek … both of them did great.  Bessie is at 2 pounds and Beau is at 3 1/2 ; no problems with the shots, and Beau is going to go in to be neutered in a few weeks (they want to let him grow a little more first).


Napoleon FINALLY seems to be coming around … I had been enforcing multiple naps for the first week or so, which meant putting them in the big crate we have; but I stopped doing that this week and it seems like the three are finally bonding … lots of naps on the bed with me is helping (Poli has progressed to ALMOST touching them as they all sleep, which is a big step for him, as he was going into other rooms to sleep by himself for the first week … something he’s NEVER done before).  AND today, for the first time, Napoleon started to play with them (!!!) – I’m so happy … I was starting to worry it would never happen, that Napoleon had gotten too used to being a solo dog and playing with people and etc.


I hope you and Ralph are doing well, and I hope everyone is enjoying the new puppies J .  





Adorable Spike, now called Buster Brown, Is finally in his new home in Louisiana. His new mom and dad continue to spoil him as we did.

Hi Kristen!
Hope all is with you and your family and pets. I have looked at the new puppies on your web site.  My, my, they are little chunks, huh?  They are so cute.
Well, we are doing fine.  Spike's new name is Buster - Buster Brown Guillory.  He is doing fine.  He did not skip a beat in settling in with us.  It did not take him long to train us to allow him to sleep all night in bed with us.  We are quick learners!  And Buster is very smart also.  He can "sit" and "stay" (not very long but he does) on command.  He will also "come", sometimes.  I can't seem to find a thing that he finds irrestable to train with - that's also good for him.  I'll keep looking though.  He NEVER tires of playing!  He loves to fetch.  He is a prancer.  He struts around the house like a king, head high, tail up over his back.  He probably would have been great in the ring!  He is just adorable.  We could not be any happier, he is perfect for us. Thank you.
Well, I'll keep in touch.
Sandi Guillory
BusterBrown is wonderful.  He has transformed our lives.  We truly needed him.  I know I told you before, but he is so smart and such a proud prancer (he would have made a huge impression in the ring!).  He is just so cute and big on personality that everybody that sees him falls in love.  He adores kids.  It scares the hell out of me because I know how dangerous it is for him being so small.  His little face lights up at the sound of a child’s voice.  I could go on and on but I’m sure you hear this from all of your puppy owners.  But please rest assured that we are extremely pleased with him and he is thoroughly spoiled! 

pixie dust/chiqua and Beethoven/Carlos are happy in their new home in Mars Hill NC:

Everyday, and it seems, every hour the puppies are getting more and more comfortable.  Carlos is crazy! When he sees the leash he runs and slides to the door and wiggles to get it on and can't wait to go outside.  I think he feels he out did a bigger dog when he marked after the dog last night!  He thinks he can walk on water now : )
Chiqua is still in charge though, she  is  so funny and tries to bury bones in Gordon's shoes and steals socks and hides them.  They are great. 
They are in bed by 9:00 and we are not far behind.  We are getting a routine down and it will be better for all of us.
I am attaching a few pictures that were taken on the first or second day.  I will get more later if you are interested.  Whew, tired now!
Talk to you soon

Abby(sugar) is home with her new family in Charlotte, NC:

Abby is doing great she wants to be held all the time but my husband doesn't mind. We are hoping for a smooth night. Your son was very nice I appreciate him bringing her over. Lois
Abby is doing great. She doesn't cry at all at night she is in my room where she can see me. She still cries during the day when she can't see anyone. She is adorable. Lois

Raphael now Frankie and living with his new mom in Atlanta, Georgia:

Hello Nortons!

Frankie/Raphael is the talk of the town. People aren't in awe of how
little he is and just want to love on him. Today we spent the morning
at a local market and ate breakfast on the lawn. He chased the little
birds and it was PRECIOUS! Now he is snoring on my lap.

He's still a big baby and cries when I'm in the shower and when I don't
let him up on the couch, but I am working on consistently ignoring his
crying. He's so funny -- he loves mulch. It is his favorite toy. This
morning on the lawn at the market was like Christmas for him. Hundreds
of sticks!

Thank you again for my little doll. He brings me so much joy! How are
the other ones doing? How is your family doing?


Hello Kristen!

I've been moving to Atlanta (it's been a long process over the past month)
but I've been meaning to write you. Frankster is the LOVE OF MY LIFE. I
must kiss his little head a hundred times a day. He's stopped his incessant
crying and he's well behaved now (except he likes to steal my glasses off
of my face). Everyone he meets just LOVES him. I make sure to keep him well
socialized and it really has paid off. He's such a little lovebug, never
shakes, never barks. He has been the best little companion during the past
month while I've been moving myself to atlanta... lots of long drives with
Frankie! I don't think he could be with someone who loves him more than I
do. Thank you for my little man Kristen! How are the others doing?


I hope all of your little ones are doing fine (especially Hoppy!) I 
wish you and your family -- all 30 of them -- warm wishes this winter! 
Thank you for bringing my little boy into my life. He is the joy of my 
life and my family away from home. I can't not smile looking at him. 
People are always stopping to tell me he is the prettiest/cutest 
chihuahua/dog they've ever seen!

Kate and Frank!

Frank is by far the cutest chihuahua on the planet. I'm sure of this.
1. The white hair on his neck has turned into a naturally growing 
2. His tongue doesn't fit in his mouth.
3. He prances.

Beyond all of this he is possibly the most social dog at school. He 
has befriended every dog, even the great dane. His girlfriend is a 
mini sheltie that is only nice for food and doesn't like other dogs, 
yet she licks his face like crazy every time she sees him. He is 
fearless and precious and I love him so much. I shouldn't say fearless 
-- he was afraid of the mailbox last week. When I banged the door shut 
on it, Frank had a small panic and growled at it and barked and it was 
too funny. He is going in next month to be neutered and he told me 
that he isn't very excited about that. I can't tell you how many 
compliments he gets about being the best-behaved, bravest, smallest, 
and cutest chihuahua people have ever met. Every time I get a 
compliment about him I think of you guys and all your little babies 
and I've been meaning to write for a month or so, but I've been SO 
slammed with homework I barely have time to eat. I hope all is well 
with you all and that the weather hasn't been too terrible up in 
Asheville area. We had 4 inches of snow in Atlanta last week -- 
incredible! Frank is completely averse to snow. He screams like a 
little kid would.

I just saw your new little ones and they are BEAUTIFUL. All of the 
blue eyes, blue babies are melting my heart. I want to get another one 
just from looking at them, but I know one is PLENTY for me. He is a 
lot of little man. Well I wish you all the best with them and the best 
to you. Stay warm!


Justin and Amber couldn't take just one pup home:
Thank you very much! I haven't even had the chance to sort through the papers so I didn't even notice. So thank you for letting me know and giving me that information. I will send some pics as soon as I get a chance. I have already taken like 100 :)! We are just loving them they are soooo cute! I think Chipetta (Gracie) is the boss! Or at least she thinks so :) and she gravitates to me! She loves her dady and kisses me to death! Blueberry (Lily) is so calm and loving she seems to like snuggling with her mom :)! The are being so good and sweet. We just love them!!!!!!!!!!

--- On Mon, 1/25/10, <> wrote:

This is Justin:). Gracie is roughly 3.5lbs and Lily is roughly 5 maybe a touch under 5! We are doing great! We have been looking at the site and watching the videos :) we really liked Dawn and Lacey! They are all so cute!! Some good litters you had :) Guessing Dawn will be close to Gracie, maybe a little smaller? Gracie is a sweet sweet dog! All she wants to do is give kisses and hog all the attention! When she is on Amber's lap I cant even give Amber a Kiss without Gracie interrupting with her own Kisses :) Lily on the other hand likes her attention when she wants it! She loves to cuddle when she gets tired! They are so cute and we just love them so much! It would be weird to think what it would be like if we only brought one home! They Just love each other and do everything together. They cuddle every time they lay down to relax!! Adorable little pups!!!

Justin and Amber


Porcelin, almost a year, update:
Hi Kristen, how are you! Porcelin is Great!! I love her so much! I was
browsing your website and read that you bred Twerpy and Boo this
month...How EXCITING!!!! I also see Boo will mate with Precious and Jazzy
Porcelin is such a Special little one, I would love to have one of her
Brothers or Sisters.  Please keep me informed on how everything goes and if
you end up with another tiny pup, I am definitely interested!
I sure appreciate it... take care and we'll talk soon, {say Hi to Ralph
too..and hope your Daughter is doing better}}
ps. it's hard to believe Porcelin will be a year old next month! [she is 2
pds 4 oz now}

ps. it's hard to believe Porcelin will be a year old next month {she's 2
pds 4 oz now}

Mary Ann, now Minnie,  was picked up and brought to her new home:
Hi Kristin  Just wanted to let you know Minnie is doing just great. She got a little car sick yesterday, but was fine after we got home. My dogs are starting to accept her, just a little jealous. She is spending a lot of time on my lap. I just love her she is a really sweet dog. Thanks again,

Lil Joe brought home to Utah with Kim, Wade and brother D- several e-mails:
hes all settled. he ate and used his potty pad i could not believe it! 
R u kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE him! hes been playing with "D". Did you get the picture I sent? I just gave him some of his food ( baby,yogurt, iams & a little keryo) he was eating so much I stoped him.his little tummy was so full. he will sleep well. I want him to sleep with me but he is so small, I'm gong to snuggle him awhile then put him next to my bed so i can see him all night.. Don't be sad he is always a phone call away. we will love him so much!!! I will send more pics and call you soon with updates.
he is sooo cute. he slept through the night . we got up had breakfast, played, now he is taking a nap.i think "D" is wondering when hes going home! HEE
I think he is truly the cutest thing i have ever seen!    I will give you a call this weekend to tell you what the vet says.
He is so happy in his new coat. Iook @ his big smile! He went to the
dr today, 1pound 4oz. what a chunk

Wade got home last night. He couldn't believe how small joe is. he
snuggled rite into his neck. he is in love

D is a good big brother. joe follows him all over the house and they
play together so cute


Smiley, now Marco, at his perfectly matched home:
hi kristen,   smilely   now marco is home safely..When I first saw I just melt. He is everything you said..He  loves to cuddle and give kisses all day..My life is now so complete to now have my soul mate with me everyday..he is such a good boy and loves everyone that came to see him..I love him so much and thank you for letting him be a part of my life...diane (new york)
Hi kristen pix are great did you get the pictures I sent you..I wanted to know f they went through...I love him so much..he slept all nite in my arms..He peed right on the wee wee last nite before we went to sleep and this morning he ate well and drank alot of water and went right on the wee pad poop and pee..what a good boy..I taught him how to sit today with treats and he learned..he is smart loving and just perfect...everyone cant believe how much of a marco he looks..thank you again..we will be in  touch I am sure he misses you and your husband and daughter...I will give him all my love..diane
Hi kristen, It was so nice to talk to you today and marco is the best thing that came into my life..I am very happy and he is too..we make a great pair togeather...I love him more than anything and so glad I waited for him.and he waited for me It was meant to be..diane  
hi kristen I thought  you laugh when you saw this one. matches his demin jacket..he is the cutest and the best thing that ever happened to me...we both love each other so much we are  are so connected with each other..he was meant for me and I thank you so much for you holding him for me....diane

Porcia finally in her new home:
Hi Kristen, well Portia and I made it home safely...she was perfect on the
plane!  She is eating real good for me {tell Ralph she isn't
starving..LOL}!  She was a little scared last night, but this morning has
been running and playing with the gang...she seems to be starting to feel
right at home here!  Thank you again for my precious baby...I absolutely Love her!!
will keep in touch...Diane

Mini, now Cricket is in her forever home:

we are so happy with me cricket she all we were looking for and more. my daughtor loves her to pieces and we feel shes been in our family forever. we are so glad we choose her. if we could ever be a referece for your puppies just let me know ,we give you an a+ thanks again for everything janet  from nj

Zilla just arrived home to his new family and older brother Gunner:
Zilla is home safe and sound! He is just as gorgeous as you described! 
He's resting now. I will send you'd some pictures later today. He 
loves his little bed. And is currently sitting on my friends chest. 
Thank you again kristen, for the opportunity of allowing us to add 
another one of your family to ours!


Angel just flew home to her new family:
Hey Kristen,
            Angel's home safe and sound! She is perfect, she is just what I was looking for. Chocco would love to play with her, but I know it's been a long day for her. Right now she is sleeping in my lap. The plane came in on time, I held her on the way home, just gave a quick intro to the dogs. Then I gave her a bath and showed her around. I have gates in my kitchen so I'll keep them seperated till she's ready to make friends. I did get her her own crate and bed, so she'll be safe. She was so scared all day, but I can also tell that she is so sweet. She likes me, and doesn't want me to leave her side. I haven't heard her bark yet. I only heard 2 tiny little growls toward Chocco.  Well, thanks for the angel,  I'll keep you posted
After settling in:
   I just wanted to let you know that Angel was the perfect addition to our family. Her first three days she was so scared, but after that she's been happy ever since! I was a little worried, but like you said her and Chocco are best buds. It's so fun to watch them play together. They do get along great. And she is just such a sweetie, like you said any oppurtunity to cozy in the warm bed, she falls fast asleep. Best Wishes with you and your pups!

Pat updating on Darwin at 1 yr old:
  Thought you would like a current photo of Darwin.
He is so spoiled.  He came to us pre-spoiled and he gets more rotten and demanding everyday.
He is so tiny but he thinks he is the boss of the house.
We love him dearly,
He is still just under 3.5 lbs even though he looks a little heavy.
He is a stocky little guy, but not fat.  Very healthy little guy.
He is very busy running all over the house and bossing everyone around.
He has Linda and I both wrapped about his paw, he makes us hold him at
least a few hours per day.  He sleeps next to my head at night and will not let
anyone else get near his spot.
He is a very special little guy.
Thanks so much for him,

Hi kristen,
Kota is doing great it is hard to believe i have had him for almost a year now, Time just flies by!!!  He is 4.5 lbs and is such a great dog to have around.  We just love him to death.  He is so good and loves the whole family.  He is a cuddler, and very sweet.  We are so happy with him.  I will send pics ASAP...

Pretty Lulu happy in forever home:
  Hey it's been a while since I have written you.  Just thought I would write and tell you how much I love Lil Lu Lu and how much I am enjoying her.  Thought that I might send you all a couple of recent pictures and let you see her now.  Her and Rupp Pupp have become good friends.  They really enjoy each other.  They still bicker a little with each other but it is mostly playful.
Lu Lu totally exceeds what I wanted.  I knew she would be "my baby" but she is sooooo much more than I could have asked for.  She is incredibly smart, when Rupp has a raw hide chew and she has already hid hers.  She will casually walk up past him, then she starts kicking him in the face with her hind legs until he drops it so she can quickly steal it.  It's so funny to watch I laugh every time.  She also fakes him out to get his chew, she'll run to the door barking at nothing, and as soon as he jumps up to see what she's barking about, she runs and get's his chew bone.  I've seen her do this time after time, and I swear it never gets old.  Her and Rupp Pupp are my world. 

Tiffany went home with her new 'Dad' Andrew:
  This is Andrew, i thought i would just send you and update on my puppy.  She is doing great and adjusting very well.  I thought on the first night we got her she would cry and i thought i would prob be up all night.  But she slept really good and i just had to get up once.  She also really likes my other dog, they run around out in the yard together.  She also likes to lay on my couch and run around my house.  So all in all i just love her, thank you.

Update on Bullseye/Gunner:
Just wanted to give a little 
Gunner update he's doing superb! Everyone falls in love with him. He 
is a master of the walks and basic commands! He even knows how to 
crawl! I've attached a picture hopefully its okay. I took it with my 
phone.  My family is gonna miss him greatly when I move out. My mom 
has said countless times she wants a lovely little puppy exactly like 
him some day to keep her and my father company. Gunner oddly loves 
baths he hops right into the showers whenever he can... Everyone at 
the vet loves him. He's very sweet and calm ... But loves to play!


Leo, Rose and Buttercup part way to Poland:
Dear Kristen,

puppies are already in Slovakia. My farthe and my sister just love them. they say there are much prieter than on the pictures. Will let you know when arrive to Poland.

Puppies arrived to my parents home. Everyone loved them straight away!
:) They are just beautiful much nicer than on the pictures. They are
very friendly, open and not afraid of anything. Will send some pictures
later :)

  Cash/Tip happy in Canada:
Hi Kristin, Tip is doing great and we love him to death, he was a big suck for the first few days after his surgery, so I got to cuddle him lots, we didn't get his papers by the dead line for the dog show in G.P that I wanted to enter him in, but that's OK, just means we will be that much more ready for the next 1, and we have more practise time. All his U.S and Canadian parers are done and ready now. I have a blast playing with him and am thinking of maybe doing some agility shows also, hes so fun and willing to please, I'll send you some more pics soon, Lent my camera out as soon as i get it back. We are moving to a big farm soon and I think all my dogs will love that, then they will have all the room in the world. Talk to you soon.

 Sincerely Tara (Fearless Chihuahuas)


Pretty Heart with her new Mom  Jackie:

Tip with his new Mom Tara preparing to be shown in Canada:
 Tip is doing great, was not to thrilled about going outside in the snow to the bathroom at first but is doing very well with the house training. He has attached himself to my dog Koda, and she mothers him, she gets a little jealous sometimes, especially when I let him come sleep with us also.  We love him so much he has added alot of joy to our house hold, and I thank -you so much for allowing us the opportunity of adding him to our family. I have attached a couple pics of him with my daughter and Koda. And I promise to let you know how he does in his shows. Pending how well he does we may travel to the states for a AKC cha. as well. Thanks again 
Sincerely Tara (Fearless Chihuahuas)

Little Ebony(now Lulu) was picked up with her new brother Rupp:
She did just fine on the trip, and when we got her home.  Her and Rupp Pupp havent exactly made friends yet, but they will in time.  She slept on my neck last night, she bonded with me instantly.  She already looks to me to take care of her and keep her safe.  Very sweet little girl. 
and one week later Diane e-mailed:
These two little darlings make us so happy! =

Beautiful Taper escorted to Hungary for exhibition:
Hi Kristen!
Taper arrived, is in all order. Got frightened of our dogs first, but is making friends with them already now. Likes our little girl very much, and we like him very much. Beautiful, her nature fantastic. Ate, drank, we were playing in the garden.  Is at a standstill so nice on the table, than a real exhibition dog. :-) I send pictures.
Best regards: Rita
P.s.: Thank you very much!

M ore from Taper's Mom:
Hi Kristen!
Taper is well. We love her very much, and she love me, and my husband too. She is very frisky, funny,  nice, and very-very clever. :-)
Best regards: Rita

Sweet pea(now Tink-a-boo) with her new family:
        My husband purchased an adorable little girl from you on Valentines Day, you called her Sweet Pea.  I just wanted to give you an update.  Our entire family is completely in love.  Tink-A-Boo, is her new name, and she is completely wonderful!  She is very well behaved, uses her potty mat, loves to snuggle and give kisses!  You obviously love your little ones and devote a lot of attention to them.  Thank you for being so great and providing us with a wonderful loving family member.   Tink-A-Boo is being spoiled, we can't help it!  She has her own pink canopy bed and we had a custom car seat made for her!  She has a tailor made wardrobe and a her own toy chest!
Thank you for allowing James, to come on short notice.  We adore Tink-A-Boo!

Bullseye(now gunner) just arrived in sunny California:
HI Kristen!
   Ive been having so much fun with bullseye i forgot to send the picture of him!  Hes the sweetest little guy.  When i took him out of the crate in the car the first thing he did was climb my shoulder and just fell asleep there. The next day he was crying a bit, but thats to be expected...still getting use to the surroundings and missing his siblings. Now he doesnt cry at all! And hes very well potty trained already i must say! He goes right on the wee wee pads i got from walmart and no where else! Everyone loves him! I also took him to the vet today for a checkup and start him on the puppy plan for all his shots and what not and showed them the shots hes already gotten from the paperwork you've given me. Everyone there loved him too :) he had no issues, he fell asleep in my arms while we waited. Right now hes sleeping by my side. But he loves to play with his little stuffed carrot dog toy i got him, he plays fetch like a little pro!

Thanks so much for everything kristen! Its an honor for you to have trusted me with such a prescious little guy.

More from Gunner's new Mom:
   just wanted to let you know gunner is doing great and has made lots 
of new buddies. Here he is with my cat and my friends great dane. They 
get along splended with supervision of course. Everyone thats met him 
loves him. From the vet to friends and family... To complete 
strangers. He's got the greatest disposition!
Vanessa :)

Aude has 3 of my pups:
Hi Kirsten,
I'am in heaven with your chihuahuas.
All of them have their own personnality.
Morticia is ( now ) the most expensiv, she runs, and plays non stop.
Gomez is still a baby in his mind, like to be cuddled.
April is special, because I live one week on my own with her, she thinks I'am her thing now.
Seems jalouz of other dogs.
But all play togheter, eat good.
Lots of love and kisses from the Belgian Chihuahuas

Erick just loves his 2nd pup from me and is now waiting for his 3rd....Taper:
hi kristen hope you got my email am absolutily in love with picasso he is the best and even i know he can breed to the new girls i may still want taper if she is going to be 4 pounds i think she has londin face and  if that s the case i want her eventually will get another male am just afraid to deal with other breeders i being burned many times already so rather deal with somebody like you since i have had a wonderful experience please let me know will like to get her and then she will be my last  thanks

Kaylynn just picked up her tiny blue girl in seattle:
Hello this is kaylynn she is so beautiful!!!! we picked her up just fine she very cute we didn't know what to name and then we looked at her red nose and deicied to name her cherry. thank you so much for making such a beautful puppy I love her so much! thank you bye!

Cherry is now 7 months and Kaylynn wrote:

CHERRY weigh's 2.13 pounds and she is very healthy and perfect. She wasn't going to let the vet even touch her I had to baby her to get her some what coum enough for him to do his thing. but she is doing really good and where getting ready to go on a trip. So I'll keep you posted with more pix and notes of her progress. 

Marissa and her son about Monkey and soon after playmate BB:
hello,just wanted to let you know how she is doing.she is doing great.she is already a part of the family and we love her very much.she never leaves my side,she follows me everywhere.she is spoiled rotten already.i will be attaching some pics of her.we named her sophie.
i just wanted you to know bb and sophie are doing great and that bb's ears are finally up.i will send pics soon.    marissa

Joe picked up April in CA for Marie, who will be hand carrying her to Belgium:
Hi Kirsten, this is Joe i just get back from the airport where i just pick it up the lovely girl , she is doing great she is in my arms rigth now and she feel comfortable , she is one real beauty and i am sure that Mary will be very happy, so rigth you know that your girl is in good hands we will take good care of her don`t wurry everything will be ok
So Kirsten i will leave you here and by the way thank you for the good condition of shipping for April ,sincerly Joe
ps if you have a copy of april female with bleu eyes like her, reserve her for us
thanks a lot

Michelle wrote me about precious Londin:
Thank you for our beautiful little Londin
"Norton's Dutchess of Londin".   She is absolutely precious!  Thank you for going out of your way to answer all my questions, and a nice smooth transaction picking her up at the airport.  We are in the process of getting her ready for show to be the next AKC star.  God Bless and keep us in your prayers for success!!
Michelle (PA)

Kathy just received her blue merle boy:
Hi  Kristen,

my puppy is beautiful. my husband said he is the most beautiful chihuahua he has ever seen. and coming from him, thats a real compliment. not only is he beautiful the little guy has a personality out of this world. pictures did not do him justice. hope to get another pup in the future from you. with so many on the internet i'm so glad we got our new family member from you.  and thanks for all the extra effort to get him here before i had to get back to work.... thank you, we love him........kathy 

Diane received her sweet Polka Dot:
POLKA DOT IS A DOLL BABY!!!!!  She is soooo cute.

sorry to be so late finally writing to you. After we got home and played
with her a minute; then we got company to see her.  She is doing well and
quite a sweet heart.

She didn't eat anything yet but I left the food in with her tonight.
Well, Kristen, I am very pleased with the little girl. She is adorable. I
will try to learn how to send pictures over the e-mail and keep you informed
on how she is doing.

Thank You and I will keep in touch, Diane

Diane wrote me when she misunderstood the price quoted for Polka Dot, and overpaid me.  I told her I was refunding the overpayment:
Hi Kristen,
Thank you for the refund. My husband asked me how I could trust someone and
order something over the internet. I think I can read people pretty good and
I just felt that you were a good person.  We find that it is getting harder
to trust people more and more these days. I hate to think that but it seems
to be that way.

Anyway, thanks again and we look forward to seeing our little girl.

Thanks,  Diane

Cathy wrote me about Munchkin/s'more:
sry kristen for the delay on getting back with you, and sending updated pics... i have been having some family issues with my teenage son... please forgive me... munchkin is an absolute doll... i took those june pics on the 26th i also weighed her 3 lbs 2 oz i havent had much time online these last few months with being distracted and all... i hope you can understand and forgive... enjoy the recent pics i love her soo very much... i cant thank you enough... i hope to be able to purchase another one from you.. apple head, short nose, coby body just like muchkin.. you have outstanding chihuahuas... take care


Naomi has had her little Kota for over 1.5 mths and says:
HI kristen,

I just wanted to give you an update on how kota is doing. He is still doing great!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so happy!!!!! everyone loves him and he is growing so fast!!!!!!!!! Another thing is that my mom is thinking about getting a dog for her self and would like to have a chihuahua of yours  ,She wants your opinion on getting another dog, i saw that baby had her puppies.

Naomi took home her sweet puppy:
right now he is sitting in my lap.  he loves to play with the little sqeaky toy u gave him that one is his favorite and a little yellow dog, little tennis ball type things and rope  toys he has been sleeping great this morning he slept untill 9:00...the latest so far.  i gave him a bath with the johnsons baby shampoo....not his favorite thing. But when i got up this morning he looked like a inch  he comes to me every time i call him. and  does not wine when he has to go to bed. he does great with the pee pads. And LOVES to go play in the front and back yard!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the perfect puppy for a twelve year old girl and i am proud to be his owner!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanksfor the info on shots,

Naomi came to visit her adorable 6 week old pup:
 I thought he was O so sweet and cute.  I would defanatly come back to you if i was ever going to buy another Chihuahua puppy. From what i could see your chihuahuas are the sweetest and cutest chihuahuas i have ever met. i would recomend anyone that i knew that wanted a chihuahua to you.
Thanks for being so friendly and easy to work with,
Naomi has her new puppy Dakota:
Well me and kota are having lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He loves everyone and to go play in the yard but he seems to get dirty quick, so is there some kind of washing soap special for puppies or chihuahuas? were should i bathe him in the sink or bathtub? Kota is doing great and i love him he has a great personality that i love!!!!!!! I am so glad i wated for just the right puppy because he is truly wonderful. i will take pictures often and send them to you if the program works last time it didnt but if i can not send pics i will allways let you know how he is doing and any new things that happen. But i think the program will work.

Darwin's mom with an update at 8 mths old:
Darwin is spoiled rotten and very tiny, he is just couple of ounces over 3 lbs.  He has a stocky little build and is full of himself.  He always sleeps in bed with me and cuddles, follows me everywhere.  He loves to go outside and run with the other dogs and he thinks he is as big as our biggest Chihuahuas.  Ricky, ladybugs brother that we decided to keep and Darwin are best buddies still.    He is very gentle playing with little Darwin.  Darwin is very healthy, never a sick day in his life.  Some of our girls are in heat and he is beside himself trying to figure that out.  In a couple of months he will be able to figure it out but for now he is just confused but extremely interested.  I think he is going to make a great stud boy soon.

Darwin's (Yeti's) new Mom:

Darwin is doing great.  He is so independent running about the house getting on the bed and couch via his stairs.  We still keep him in the pen at night and whenever no one is home to supervise.  I weighed him when I got home and I am glad I did or I would not be able to tell he has grown a bit.  He has gained a couple of tenths of a pound.  He is so tiny, I am certain he will even be smaller than Blue Moon Pie by a little bit.  He is a lover and likes to kiss you on the face when you hold him.  Linda has gotten him rotten, letting him sleep in her arms when she watches T.V.  He thinks you should hold him as long as he wants you too and let him down as soon as he has something he needs to investigate.  
We really love this little boy, Siddalee has really taken up with him and so has Butterfly.  Of course he plays mostly with Ladybug's brother and even though Pan is bigger than Darwin, Darwin still lords it over him.  I will be off Monday and Tuesday and try to take some good photos of him then to send you.


Pearla's new Mom:

I welcome the opportunity to give a referral to Ms. Kristen and Kelly Norton of Norton's Chihuahuas and their absolutely MAGNIFICENT puppies in every way. I just purchased a SPECTACULAR Silver Merle Smooth Coat female Chihuahua. From day one, Kristen and Kelly were super friendly and helpful; they responded to all my emails and questions quickly and extremely courteously. I'm so happy and content with my purchase that this year when I move to a larger house, I plan to buy at least 2 or 3 more Chihuahuas from these fabulous breeders. Indeed, Ms. Kristen and Kelly Norton are very kind, honest and they both love what they do, and it reflects in their lovely & healthy babies. Once again, thank you very much, Kristen and Kelly, and kindest regards.

More recent info. from Angelica, about Pearla:
She's super intelligent if she continues I'm contemplating taking her to obedient classes, to teach her the basic commands.  She's doing great with my other Chis, even my most antisocial female LOVES HER SPUNKY personality and I'm always catching those two playing together.  She's one of the most well behaved chis I've ever owned.  In a nut shell we all ADORE HER!

Pearla's Mom just took home another Chi...Sugar:
We've decided to call our new big baby Sugar & Spice, the name suits her
perfectly for the following reasons:

1.  She's SUPER sweet.
2.  She's white like sugar and speckled face like spice.

She is a total doll!  She's totally-totally attached to me, she follows
me EVERYWHERE!  Sugar even sleeps with me. 

Sugar is doing wonderful to say the least.  She's got a very hardy appetite,
eats everything from french fries to milk and cereal in the
morning..........she just hops on the kitchen table and eats off of my husband thinks it's disgusting but I find it to be
super funny and amazing.
Sugar is doing WONDERFUL she's a magnate for affection.  She's sleeps with my husband and I and has taken to my husband incredibly  She more then PERECT we all adore her.

In response to a picture Drake's new Dad sent to me where he looked very spoiled:
Yes you have no idea how
spoiled he is....he brings me so much joy and he is so much energy for such a tiny little
fella....thank you for allowing him to be a part of my
life....  :)

Kirby's new loving family:

I adopted Kirby from Kristen this passed January and couldn't believe how much I fell in love with him.  He was obviously raised with a lot of care and love because he has such a care for everyone. He is calm and trained to perfection.  He is 2 years old(the age I adopted him as well) and he adjusted so well to his new surroundings.  Everyone that comes into contact with him fall in love. I had family in town and everyone couldn't believe what a sweet dog he was.  Kristen was really helpful in telling me things about Kirby and giving me his medical info. as well. She is very kind to all her dogs and you can tell she really enjoys what she does. When I came in to pick Kirby up he was sitting on her lap and you could just tell he was very content with her. If I could take another dog I would and get him or her from Kristen because she has such great care and concern for her pups.

Ellie and Brownie's new home:

Hi Kristen,

Brownie and Ellie are doing wonderful!!! i was so
pleasantly surprised when i saw them, they are so
beautiful and happy!! we are working little more with
Ellie though, shes a little more hesitant but shes
opening up, I'm giving her a lot of love...brownie is
so awesome he just runs up to all of us and follows us
everywhere, i started rubbing on his tummy and he
loves to come to me and jumps up and down for me to
pick him up and when i do he kisses on me!!! we
are sooo ecstatic with them and extremely pleased at
how beautiful and socialized they are....thank you so
much, we will send you updated pics on them when we
take some...Candace

Princess' new Mom:

Hello Kristen

Her name is goint to be NORTONS THOLEXNIC AZUL PRINCESS. She is doing wonderfull! She walk s on a leash like a pro. Im very big on my little dogs learning to be tough and use the legs god gave them! She is a brave little thing and full of soo much curiosity and love she loves everyone she meets! She walks right on up with her little tail wagging. She went in the (kiddie) Halloween parade.(I had to carry her of sorse so she didnt get stepped on. She was a ferry Ill send you pictures of that too.  Issac was Special Forces.Even in the middle of all the commotion she was calm and friendly. She had kisses for everyone who wanted one.

  Shes allso learned that she can potty outside. I am blown away by how fast she picks things up. She is soo smart!

Thank you soo much she is wonderfull! So smart, fun, beautiful and a feisty thing!

 xoxox Jana Runnels

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