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Norton's Chihuahuas

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Past Puppies 32-Miko and Lovey



Sales and shipping



 We do NOT sell to pet stores, brokers or puppy mills!!


The breeder prefers that you pick up your pup in person.  However, we do ship from AVL, with Delta Airlines, weather permitting, for an additional $350, which includes crate, veterinary health check  & health certificate, up to date shots, and transportation to airport.


Terms Of Sale

We cannot guarantee that your puppy/dog will be show or breeding quality, nor can we guarantee the size that the puppy will be full grown!
We do NOT sell to pet stores, brokers or puppy mills!!! All pet quality puppies will be sold with limited AKC. When inquiring, please tell me what you are looking for and a little about you.


We do require a $200 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to hold your puppy, in the form of a postal money order OR Paypal (plus 3.5% fee).
WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS! We must receive your deposit within 3 days of placing the puppy "Sale Pending".
If we do not receive a deposit within that time frame, the puppy will be listed "Available".
I spend time emailing you with information and pictures about the puppies, as well as talking with you on the phone; this is all very time consuming.
I feel that by the time you place a deposit, you are 100% sure about purchasing a puppy from us. Therefore, I will NOT refund or transfer any deposits or payments simply because you changed your mind !! The deposit is given in good faith that you are sincere about purchasing the puppy.
When I receive your deposit for the puppy of your choice, I consider that puppy sold and no other inquires can be made on a puppy with a deposit.
There will be no refunds/transfers of payments OR deposits! The balance is due by the time pups are 7 weeks of age to arrange shipping or you may pay the balance at the time of pick-up.
We must receive the balance BEFORE shipping or delivering any puppy!

Please remember deposits and payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.
We will gladly refund or transfer any payment IF your puppy becomes ill or passes away while in our care.

What We Provide:

We strive to produce healthy, quality puppies.
Our puppies receive their first set of shots at about 7 weeks old and been dewormed.

We give a One Year Health Guarantee to all puppy buyers!

We do NOT sell puppies until they are at least 8 weeks of age.
All of our puppies are sold with AKC paperwork. We do not release any pup we do not feel is ready for its new home.

One Year Health Guarantee

  Norton's Chihuahuas is confident that the dog/puppy has been delivered to you free from health problems.
The puppy is sold as a pet/companion. There is no guarantee you will be able to breed or show your puppy.
All pet quality puppies will be sold with limited AKC registration. Full registration must be discussed prior.

Puppies must have our kennel name on their registration papers "Norton's".

Puppies are covered for Congenital/Hereditary life threatening ONLY!! NO REFUNDS will be issued, we will replace your puppy if found to have a life threatening hereditary or congenital defect with a puppy of equal value.

You will need to take your new puppy to the vet within 48 hours of purchasing to confirm its good health. IF not taken to vet within 48 hours they agree totake puppy AS IS, no warranty whatsoever.

1 Year – Congenital/Hereditary Defects (Heart Murmur, etc)

PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for ANY vet bills or expenses incurred AFTER the pup leaves our care. We do not cover conditions such as Hypoglycemia and Coccidia (which are caused by stress)
We also do not cover luxating patellas which is common in Chihuahuas.

Seller does NOT warrant the following:

Hypoglycemia - under no condition is the seller responsible for loss or death due to Hypoglycemia

Molera - It is acceptable for a Chihuahua to have a molera, and should not be considered a flaw.

Coccidia, Giardia or Worms - Many puppies are prone to outbreak of either coccidia and/or giardia under stressful circumstances. The symptoms can arise in a 12 hour period, and cannot always be prevented by the seller, because there are no signs until the puppy is stressed, and their immune system drops. All precautions have been made, but the buyer should take the puppy to the vet immediately if puppy develops unusual stool, begins vomiting, or has loss of appetite.

Collapsing Trachea - This is a common thing in chihuahuas when they get excited, and has not been found to impose a health risk.

There is no guarantee on size, color, coat, breeding ability, fertility, testicles descending in a male, luxating patellas, incorrect bite, erect ears, hernias, allergies, skin problems, etc.

Buying a toy dog is not like buying a toy!! Toy dogs are like babies, you need to make sure they eat every couple of hours and get enough rest... please research this breed before buying a puppy, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

By purchasing a puppy from Norton's Chihuahuas, the buyer indicates that he/she has read, agrees and understands this contract.

Please email us if you have any questions or comments !!

Norton's Chihuahuas Contract

Seller:Kristen Norton Mars Hill, NC 828-689-3448

We, the undersigned parties, have read and agree to all the terms of this agreement and acknowledge it as legal and binding.

We agree to sell the following: Chihuahua                                         Date of Birth:        /         /           

Name of Dog:                                                                   Sex:  □ Male □ Female

Markings:                                                                         AKC Number: __________________________________

Sire Name/Number:                                                       DamName/Number: _____________________
Date Sold: ____________________________           Full/Limited AKC: ____________     Price:_______________________________

This puppy has been administered, as indicated in the medical record, the following vaccinations and de-worming before leaving our home/kennel.  

We accept Postal Money Orders, Cash, and Paypal only. Please make money orders payable to Kristen Norton

The amount of two hundred dollars of the deposit made towards the purchase of a puppy is NON-REFUNDABLE. Full payment of the balance due must be paid on or before the date on which the pup reaches eight (8) weeks of age. Failure to do so forfeits the Buyer’s deposit and reservation of the puppy. Refund of deposit will only be available under the following circumstances:

The parties of this contract agree that the dog identified on page one (1) shall carry the “Norton's” prefix to its name for “Norton's Chihuahuas”. The “Norton's” prefix will be added to the AKC papers by the breeder before the papers are transferred to the new owner(s). It is the buyer’s responsibility to insure that the “Norton’s” prefix is part of the dog’s registered name. This is enforceable by the AKC per this contract.


Our puppies/dogs eat Royal Canin Chihuahua Puppy or Purina Pro plan Puppy. Although bringing your new puppy home is the most exciting day for you, it is not exciting for the puppy. The puppy is leaving everything that it has known, including its dam and littermates. Expect your puppy to go through a period of stress. Signs of stress could include crying, refusal to eat, or loose stools. Please give the puppy some time to adjust. Please keep the puppy’s new environment quiet and calm the first few days. This will make the adjustment easier for the puppy and hasten bonding between you and your new puppy. Treats are of whole or pressed rawhide and are great for keeping teeth free of plaque. We suggest that toys be of soft nylon or cloth-like materials that are machine washable, instead of latex rubber that can be punctured or shredded.


We have provided the following vaccination and de-worming schedule. At first, it is best to avoid taking your puppy to the park, pet store, walks, etc. Your puppy is not fully immunized against diseases such as Parvo until the complete series of vaccinations is administered. Usually this is completed by 16 weeks of age. Parvo, for example, is highly contagious and can be carried in and transferred on peoples shoes. Your puppy could easily contract Parvo if taken to places where other dogs frequent. We STRONGLY SUGGEST that you follow through the vaccination and de-worming schedule recommended by your veterinarian. Negligence could result in sickness or death of your puppy. The guarantee does not cover parasites, external or internal, Giardia, Hypoglycemia, Hepatitis, Parvo, Kennel Cough, Distemper, Rabies, Coccidiosis, or Corona. The proper immunizations have been administered and the Seller cannot be held responsible if the puppy is exposed to contagious parasites or diseases after leaving our kennel. The Buyer is responsible for ALL veterinary costs/expenses once the puppy has left the Seller’s home.


Puppies that are usually affected by Hypoglycemia are the toy breeds weighing (3) pounds and under. Hypoglycemia most frequently happens between the ages of six (6) weeks and six (6) months, although Hypoglycemia can occur at any age. Keep Nutri-Cal or Nutri-Stat on hand at all times in case of an emergency. Keep your puppy warm. Contact your Veterinarian immediately. Symptoms of low blood sugar are listed below:

Puppy is limp, puppy does not lift his head by itself very easily, lethargy, lack of coordination, staggering, stumbling, falling, slowed heart rate, body temperature drops, mouth is stiff and gums may become white.

It is the responsibility of the Buyer to assure proper care if such a condition should arise. The Buyer agrees that the Seller is NOT responsible should a sugar drop occur. The Buyer agrees to seek proper veterinary care, as well as to preventative measures, such as insuring that fresh food and water are ALWAYS available for your puppy.


Please keep this puppy indoors, providing access to a fenced in yard, and never chain or tie your puppy out. Provide adequate living quarters. Do not let the puppy live in a cage or crate. This puppy is sold with the understanding it will be properly socialized, live indoors and become a part of the family. The Buyer agrees to maintain a safe environment for the puppy. The puppy is to NEVER be placed in an animal shelter, rescue group, or sold to a research lab or similar facility. Your home is now the puppy’s loving FOREVER home.

This puppy is now the responsibility of the Buyer. If at any time, you do not want the puppy or cannot keep the puppy you may return it to the Seller. We gladly have a place in our home for any puppy that we have bred if circumstances arise that you cannot continue to keep the Chihuahua. Should the puppy be returned to the Seller, the veterinarian’s records and AKC registration papers must be surrendered along with the puppy to the Seller. This puppy shall NOT be sold for profit by the Buyer under any circumstances and is an offense to be prosecuted by law. The Buyer agrees that the Seller will NOT provide a refund when the puppy is returned to the Seller. Every effort will be made to place the Chihuahua in another home or the Chihuahua will remain with the Seller.


The Seller is in no way responsible for the death or injury of the puppy or loss of the puppy during transport. The Seller agrees to insure the puppy for the purchase price amount or up to the highest amount that can be insured if the purchase price exceeds the maximum amount the airline allows for insurance. The Buyer agrees to settle any dispute involving shipping and death/injury incurred by the puppy during shipping with the airline with which the puppy was shipped. The Seller shall NOT be held responsible for any death/injury incurred during shipping.


Having read and accepted all provisions of this agreement and guarantee the Buyer has agreed to the above terms by signing and dating below, including Buyer’s address and telephone number(s).

  ______________________________                ______________________________
      (Signature of Seller)                                           (Signature of Buyer)